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What is bottle service (minimum spend)?

Purchasing bottle service at a club means that you are committed to spending for bottles, mixers, and a premium location for your group. Drink mixers will be included in this cost but adding items such as Red Bull and water to your table will typically incur an extra fee. Expect a grand show upon the arrival of your bottle selection(s) as beautiful bottle service girls offer entertaining presentations of your premium liquor and fine champagne selections, as well as pour shots, refill mixers and clear unwanted table clutter. Tables are typically secured with a minimum spend – that is, the amount you need to spend on alcohol (and for dayclubs, food). The minimums that you are quoted may or may not include tax and gratuity. These amounts are determined by the venue and/or local/national law, and will be made clear by your InList representative before the booking is confirmed. The minimum spend on each table varies based on a number of different factors: Holidays/Day of the week – minimums are almost always higher on holidays and weekends The DJ or performing artist – more popular and in-demand talent means higher minimums Table location – the more premium of a location, the higher the table minimum Number of people in your party – larger groups mean more bottles, making the minimum higher

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