VIP Room Saint-Tropez
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Location VIP Room Saint-Tropez / Saint-Tropez / FRA
Minimum age 18 Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to 4 guests
Features Included drinks and equipment


If St. Tropez sleeps till noon during the summer it has a lot to do with the VIP Room and its host Jean-Roch. The VIP Room is a supper and dance club located in the center of the village that attracts some of the sexiest, not to mention famous, guests in the world. A namesake in St. Tropez nightlife for many years, recently the club was completely remodeled to give it a more modern look- think Ian Schrager in his Studio 54 days. The club and restaurant were merged together to accommodate the mixed crowd entertained throughout the summer season. An odd environment of really rich and really famous people exchange foreign glances wearing differing styles of business suits and Sean John urban wear. The VIP Room also features regular art exhibits as well as a modern Mediterranean and Italian menu served throughout the night. Like many local clubs in the area, the VIP Room is only open from July thru mid-September before hibernating through the remaining year.


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