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Location Kalamata Beach Saint-Tropez / Ramatuelle / FRA
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to guests
Features Included drinks and equipment


Undeniably, nestled within the grandeur of Saint Tropez, Kalamata Beach surfaces as a legendary spot. The location, strikingly reminiscent of the Greek islands, provides a unique encounter. Certainly, the club’s structure on the beach is visually breathtaking. Showcasing a design inspired by the Cycladic style, its composition of blue and white contributes to its allure. Paired with vibrant bougainvillea, an enchanting atmosphere is cultivated.

Beyond its visual appeal, Kalamata Beach also entices the epicures. Its restaurant offers a tantalizing fusion of Greek and Mediterranean dishes, promising a gastronomic journey as stunning as its backdrop. Seafood connoisseurs are treated to an array of options with the fresh catch of the day. However, meat enthusiasts need not worry. Exclusive delicacies are crafted to please even the most discerning palates.

Naturally, a trip to Kalamata Beach is not meant to be hurried. Operational from Monday through Sunday, the beach club embraces its visitors warmly from noon till eight. The whole day can be dedicated to relaxation and enjoyment. The beach club finds its home on Chemin des Tamaris, Ramatuelle, ensuring straightforward access for locals and tourists alike. This increases its charm as a top-rated destination.

Hence, why hesitate? A trip to Kalamata Beach is a chance to indulge in a picturesque and delightful experience. Indeed, it is the epitome of seaside allure and culinary pleasure.

Unsurprisingly, Kalamata Beach shines as a gem in Saint Tropez, worth a visit for a memorable escapade. Ultimately, Kalamata Beach in Saint Tropez is not just a place; it is a serene haven of leisure and joy.

It’s where the Grecian archipelago greets the French Riviera, forming an extraordinary blend of cultures.


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